4 Ways a Licensed Health Aid Certification Benefits You and Your Child

Empowering Care: 4 Benefits of Licensed Health Aid
Certification for Arizona Parents & Children

As a parent, your commitment to providing the best care for your children knows no bounds.
Nurturing, protecting, and supporting them through challenges and triumphs showcases your
unconditional love.

Navigating Caregiving Resources in Arizona: What You Need to Know

In the world of caregiving in Arizona, there’s a unique and transformative opportunity that goes
beyond the traditional approach – the Licensed Health Aid (LHA) Certification. This isn’t just a
mere credential; it’s your pathway to unlocking a new dimension of caregiving. Let’s delve into
the remarkable benefits that await parents who embrace this opportunity and the essential
resources available to caregivers in Arizona.

Empowering Parents to Care for Their Children: Arizona’s Family Licensed Health Aide (FLHA) Program

In April 2022, Arizona introduced a groundbreaking initiative known as the Family Licensed
Health Aide (FLHA) Program. This program empowers parents to become trained caregivers for
their medically fragile children.

What’s Changed Since COVID-19?

The FLHA Program emerged as a response to the evolving needs of families during and after
the COVID-19 era. It was passed under House Bill 2521 to address various challenges caregivers

This program has since been instrumental in helping parents balance work commitments with
caregiving responsibilities, alleviating the nursing shortage, and providing high-quality care for
children with medical complexities. It represents a transformative step towards empowered

Developmental Disabilities Division (DDD): Your Caregiver’s Compass

As a caregiver in Arizona responsible for a disabled child, adult child, or family member with
developmental disabilities, it’s crucial to be well-informed about the available resources and
support systems. One such invaluable resource is the Developmental Disabilities Division (DDD)
under the Arizona Department of Economic Security.

What’s New in the Post-COVID Era

DDD has evolved and adapted to the changing landscape during and after the COVID-19
pandemic. It continues to play a pivotal role in empowering individuals with developmental
disabilities to lead fulfilling lives, albeit with some modifications in service delivery to ensure
safety and continuity.

LHA Certification: Empowering Compassionate Care at Home

The LHA Certification allows parents to provide dedicated care to a single patient under 21
enrolled in Arizona’s Long-Term Care System (ALTCS). This certification aligns with the patient’s
care plan, ensuring holistic and empathetic care within the comfort of home.

Why LHA Certification Matters:

Caring for ailing or differently-abled children requires unwavering dedication and boundless
compassion. Estrella Home Health’s LHA Certification equips caregivers with the necessary
skills to deliver exceptional care at home. It honors the unique bond between parents and their
children and acknowledges the immeasurable value of home-based caregiving.


In conclusion, as a caregiver in Arizona, it’s crucial to be aware of the evolving landscape of
caregiving resources and opportunities available to you. The FLHA Program, DDD, and LHA
Certification represent significant milestones in empowering caregivers and enhancing the
quality of care provided to those most need it. Stay informed, stay empowered, and continue to
make a positive impact in the lives of your loved ones through compassionate caregiving.

Benefits of Becoming a Licensed Health Aid as a Parent


1. Elevated Quality of Care
Understand your child intimately – their needs, preferences, and challenges. Becoming a
licensed health aid extends your caregiving to include medical tasks, ensuring the best care at
home for improved health outcomes.

2. Financial Compensation
Your dedication to your child’s care is recognized through compensation. This acknowledgment
eases financial burdens, validating your effort in their well-being.

3. Tailored Support
Estrella Home Health’s program offers training, ongoing support, and a community that
understands your challenges in caring for children at home.

4. Personal Fulfillment and Growth
Becoming a licensed health aid fosters personal growth as you enhance your child’s well-being.
Experience fulfillment through continuous learning and empowerment.

Frequently Asked Questions About LHA


What are the Requirements to Become a Licensed Health Aide (LHA)?
Defined by familial relationship with the patient, including spouse, child, grandparent,
and more.

What Tasks May an LHA Perform?
Aligned with licensed nursing assistant tasks, including medication administration and

Is Vent Care Included in LHA Responsibilities?
Vent care is beyond LHA tasks, which encompass nursing assistant roles.

How Can I Verify an LHA License?
Accessible through the AZBN License/Certificate Verification Portal.


What’s the Application Process for an LHA License?
Completing an approved course, applying, paying fees, and confirming patient info
through AHCCCS/ALTCS Health Plan.

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Why Choose Estrella Home Health’s Licensed Health Aid Program? Empowering Parents Through Training

Estrella Home Health’s Licensed Health Aid (LHA) Certification program stands out for its
comprehensive approach. The program equips parents with a diverse skill set ranging from
essential medical tasks to providing emotional support.

This comprehensive training ensures that parents are fully prepared to meet their child’s unique
needs, creating an environment of care, comfort, and well-being.

Estrella’s program goes beyond the ordinary, empowering parents to provide exceptional care
and support to their children.


Arizona parents, embrace the LHA Certification program by Estrella Home Health to elevate
your caregiving journey.

Gain skills while becoming a beacon of care and empowerment for your child. Your home
transforms into a healing and nurturing environment, guided by your love.

Take the First Step

Enhance your child’s life and caregiving skills.

Contact Estrella Home Health to learn about the Licensed Health Aid Certification program –
invest in your child’s well-being.

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